Simply Marquessa Spotlight!

I have recently been introduced to a new blogger, who goes by the name Marquessa. She was the one who found me first and was quite interested, so I figured I would go and check her stuff, and boy was I in for a surprise. She is a fiction writer just as I am, but in a more love way. Marquessa’s fictional pieces are about women and their love stories. They were very well written, and I suggest anyone who loves fiction writing, and or romance of women’s lives. As someone who doesn’t follow up on many romance fictional writing, they are very intriguing for one who doesn’t read much on the genre.


Marquessa not only posts fictional stories, but as well as shares music, fictionalized anecdotes, excerpts from WIPs, quotes, travels, and re-blogs from other blogs she follows.


It was actually Marquessa who had mentioned to me about making a blog post about where I get my inspiration from when I write, and I’m very glad she asked. It’s not everyday I get asked that and it’s very nice to see some people liking my work.


I can’t begin to tell you how much joy I have from someone who likes my fiction stories, and to find out that she’s a writer as well. I would love it if you went to her page and checked it out. I will leave a link at the end that will take you right to her home page. She has lots to offer there, so please take your time and enjoy everything, she deserves the love!


  • Chloe ❤


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