Blog Post Update!

Hi everyone!


Alright, so recently I’ve been trying to figure out when to post my short stories and essays. I have finally found one that will work the best for myself. The reasoning for my changes are due to an upcoming project I am working on at the moment. In the beginning of November, I will be able to tell you all what this secret project is, and I can’t wait!


I would like to apologize for all of these random and spontaneous changes all of the time and not having a good consistency for when I upload. Like I said before, I’ve just moved about a month ago and it’s kind of overwhelming and stressful. But no worries, there will still be stories coming your way!


Now, onto the blog post changes. It seems that posting three days a week will do best for myself. These upload days will be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. As for times, I do not have specific ones, but I mostly want to post them in the morning. So look forward for them to be uploaded between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM Pacific Time.


Again, I’m sorry for the recent changes and such. I hope you all have a good rest of your day!


  • Chloe ❤

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