She was Soaking wet, Bruised, and Covered in Glitter

I climbed in bed and laid my head down when I heard the doorbell ring. I released an irritated sigh and went downstairs. I turned the hallway lights on before I could trip on anything, even though I usually kept my house clean most of the time. Now the doorbell rang non stop. “I’m coming!” I yelled out of frustration. I quickly unlocked the door and opened to see someone I hadn’t saw for years, Darcy. We had went to the same high school and were pretty good friends. Since then, she stopped talking to me and it’s been 10 years. All I could do was stare at the moment. She was soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter. “Darcy?” Her blank look on her face turned into a smirk.


“You remember?” she asked.


“Of course, umm come in. You must be freezing.” I pushed the door open more and let her in, I followed behind her.


“Wow, this is a nice place.”


“Thanks, I’ve been saving up a lot and just recently got it.” I went to the hallway and grabbed a towel. “Here,” I said handing it to her. Our eyes met again. They were the same pretty green eyes I had seen so long ago.


“What are you staring at?” she asked.


I looked away quickly, “Oh, ah, nothing. What are you staring at?” Seriously? What are you staring at? Come on, Nathen.


“Nothing,” she said smiling and started to dry her hair.


“Do you want something to drink or eat?”


“I’ll have water.” I turned around to get the drink when Darcy yelled my name. “Nathen!” I turned back quickly.


“What? What is it?!”


“Do you still keep Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with you?” The alarm feeling went away.


“That’s why you just yelled my name? So you could ask if I still keep Reese’s Cups?” I couldn’t believe she still remembered that.


“Well do you?”


“I’ll bring a bag out.” And I headed straight towards the kitchen again and returned with two glasses of water and a bag of mini Reese’s Cups.


“Mmm, I haven’t had one of those in so long,” she said. So what have you been up to since high school?”


“Well, I went to college, got a degree to be a veterinary doctor, found a really good job, and now I live here. What about you? It seems like you’ve disappeared and now you’re back.


“Ha, I’ve done so many things I don’t think I could remember all of them,” she said eating another peanut butter cup.


“Can I ask you about your appearance now?”


“Sure, go ahead.” Was she crazy? How did she not know what I was trying to ask her.


“Why are you bruised and have so much glitter on you?”


“Oh, that, funny story actually,” she said like it was a funny story to get bruised. “You see, I like to travel all over and yesterday I came back here with a few friends. We went to this secret place where they have music playing and tons of people are there.


“And what secret place is this?”


“Well if I told you it wouldn’t be secret anymore.” I looked at her with annoyance. “I’m just joking, lighten up. You really haven’t changed much with your sense of humor, have you?”


“It’s just that why you’re all of a suddenly here now and you look like this. I can’t make sense of any of it. Oh, and not to mention the fact that you’re covered in bruises and glitter!”


“I was just about to get to that part. Calm down and have a Reese’s Cup.” She tossed me one and continued her story. “Anyways, they through out these little balls of glitter and basically exploded everywhere, which is why I have so much on me. And these aren’t bruises, but I have to admit, they could definitely pass for one.” She looked at them like she was little kid with a toy.


“So what are they?” I asked.


“They also threw out these multi colored powder bombs. Since it was raining, the powder kind of stained my skin.” My head filled with relief. Darcy and I hadn’t talked for a long time, but she was basically one of my best friends in high school, so I couldn’t help but worry. “So no need to worry because I know you were, right? Tell me I was right?” I teased. I rolled my eyes and ate another Reese’s Cup.


“So why are you here now at midnight?”


“I wanted to visit and catch up.”


“What happened to us making sure we stilled kept in touch after high school?”


“Oh, that. Well, I just didn’t want to bother you.” I looked straight at her.


“Why would you ever be bothering me? We’re friends, really good friends not to mention.”


“It’s just that you were doing something really good with your life and I didn’t want to mess that up.” I looked at the candy rapper and remembered a similar conversation we had our senior year of high school. I was applying at some of the top universities in Michigan. She wasn’t applying because she didn’t want to have to pay someone tons of money to get a piece of paper saying she was certified to do something. She thought she would be a bad influence on me, that she would rub off some how. I told her over and over she wouldn’t.


“Darcy, don’t think like that, not ever again. I missed you. I missed not being able to talk to you for so long.” She looked down.
“I missed you too, Nathen.” I sat closer to her and lifted her chin up so our eyes would meet and I almost regretted doing it. Her eyes were such a beautiful emerald green. For some reason, everything felt different in that moment. We were no longer two friends catching up, we were feeling something, at least I was. I didn’t know what that feeling was either, I just knew it wasn’t the same best friend feeling. Then, Darcy leaned in closer and kissed me. For just a moment I froze not knowing what to do, but my body went ahead and did it for me. I kissed her back. Her lips felt so soft and tasted like strawberries. I never wanted this to stop, the great feeling of our lips together, and I don’t think she wanted it to either. After what felt like many moments, we both pulled away and went back to staring at each other. She smiled and said, “I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to do that.”


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