Bonding Like Brothers

“Small fire, I said to set a small fire! This is not a small fire!” I yelled trying to put the giant fire Glenn created out.


“It isn’t that big,” Glenn said.


“Isn’t that big? Are you crazy? Of course this is a big fire, in fact it’s a huge fire.” I looked around trying to find anyway to put it out.  The only thing I could think was our only source of water. It hurt to pick it up, thinking what I needed to do next, but I had to do this or the whole forest might start on fire. I flung the water and patted as much as I could. After a while of throwing water, patting, throwing water, patting, I finally got the raging fire out and turned back to Glenn. “Great, all of our water is gone. Are you happy now?”


“I have to admit that that was kind of funny.” My emotions turned from angry to angry, frustrated, annoyed, and any other adjective to describe how mad I was.


“You know, I only asked you to do one thing, and what do you do? You go and mess it all up. You ruin everything you set sight in! I knew I should have just done everything myself.”


“Look, I’m sorry, Wesley. I didn’t think that would happen.”


“That’s what you say every single time and I’m tired of it. You’re just a selfish 18 year old who’s not ready to grow up.”


“I’m 19.”


“Oh, so sorry, Glenn. I didn’t mean to offend you,” I said sarcastically.


“What are you, 30?” Glenn asked.


“32 actually, but thanks for the compliment.”


Oh, so sorry, Wesley. I didn’t mean to offend you,” Glenn said back mockingly. I was at my tipping point with him.


“Ah, that’s it! I’m so tired of your shit! Just do something good for both of us and leave.” I walked away for a few minutes to let out some steam. I didn’t even look or listen to Glenn if he said anything. We had been together for the past couple of months because of the world slowly ending from the crazy weather all the way to the homeless people becoming total psychopaths. We actually first met in the woods, which where we are now, not the same but still it’s the woods. We had our differences, but Glenn really reminded me of my little brother, I guess that’s what made us argue so much. Even though our mindsets weren’t the best together, I still really cared about him, and I hope he cared about me as much as I did. Sometimes I just needed a break from him although we never were able to break away from each other because of the situation the world was in at the moment. I needed to get back to him. Us being mad at each other wasn’t going to help anything and it probably wasn’t the best for our relationship either, and we needed all the help we could get. “Glenn, I’m sorry for getting so mad. It’s just that you-.” I turned around and found only the ashes of the put out fire. Glenn was nowhere to be found. “Glenn, where are you?” I searched around everywhere within the perimeter of where we camped out and still couldn’t find anything. “Please, Glenn. This isn’t the right time to be playing games.” Nothing. I started to get chills all over my body with the silence. This wasn’t right, Glenn never wandered off.


“Ahh!” Right as I heard the yell, I ran off into it’s direction. My head turned and twisted everywhere, hoping to see and sight of Glenn. I came to the edge of the forest and saw him with one of the crazy homeless people attacking him. Before I could make any move, Glenn moved from underneath the man, grabbed a stick, and hit him so hard on the head that he knocked it straight off. I stood back in awe from never seeing him like this before. I ran up and looked down at the lifeless human with it’s head continuously rolling away, then looked up at Glenn, who looked as lifeless.


“Hey,” I said softly. “Are you alright?”


“Yeah,” he said dropping the bloody stick and turning around. I reached forward and grabbed his shoulder. He kept jerking away each time I tried and I knew something was wrong.


“Stop it, right now.” He turned around.


“Stop what? What am I doing now?!” He was beginning to be angry, which I had never seen before.


“Glenn, you’re-”


“Oh, am I messing things up again? Am I ruining everything again? Well I’m sorry I’m what you want me to be. I’m sorry for not being a man who knows all of these survival techniques. I’m sorry for being a useless fuck who can’t do anything right.” He wasn’t saying anything mean about me, but all of what he said felt like he was jabbing me with a knife.


“You’re not-”


“Not what? Not perfect to your expectations?”


“Calm down, Glenn. You’re not any of those things.”


“Really? Because I specifically remember you saying those to me not even 20 minutes ago.” And I specifically remember saying them. I’m such an idiot, I thought to myself. How could I say something like that to someone like him?


“Look, I just hate that all of this is happening. Neither of us don’t deserve any of it. I’m sorry for saying all of what I said. I shouldn’t have said any of it. I just get so frustrated from everything the world is doing to us and what we have to do to survive.” So many things were going through my head. I was remembering my little brother and us hanging out and having so much fun. I remembered my Mom and Dad, and how they were such great parents. I wish I knew where they were at now. That was one of the things that sucked the most, not knowing where and what happened to my family. I couldn’t imagine how Glenn was feeling. No one his age should have to experience this. I looked back at Glenn, he was staring right me. “We’re going to get through this together, no matter what. If we have to go through hell and back, then so be it.” I said.


“No matter what?” he asked.
“No matter what.” We started to head back to our campsite. “You know, that was a kick ass move you did back there.” We both started to laugh, and for the first time I felt that we were finally connecting and bonding just like brothers.  


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