An Orphanage to Keep in Dangerous Children

When turning 16, that means to start becoming an adult. Which leads to getting a car and a job. I was lucky enough to get a nice car from my Dad. Even though it was given to me from his will, it was nice enough car to forget about that part for a brief moment. But that’s what I liked most about it, the constant reminder of him around me when I go place to place. And today I was going to need him a lot. It was the day I was going to the only orphanage around in our small town to ask for a job. Since being a town with few limits, my only choices were fast food, grocery store, orphanage, or the nursing home. I didn’t like to deal with rude customers and I figured working with kids was a lot better.


I was on my way to the secluded area when I started to be very nervous. I remembered the orphanage didn’t look too bad, but the black metal fence around the property kind of freaked me out. I couldn’t imagine why they would have fence as menacing as that for an orphanage, but everyone has their reasonings. I pulled up to the gate and before I could park my car and get out, it opened. I looked around to see if there was anyone near, but no one was. There must be security cameras I thought to myself. I slowly pulled up and saw a few children out and playing. It looked like they were playing tag, but when I was coming up to pass them, they stopped and stared at me. Their eyes made me feel uneasy, but I continued to drive forward and tried to forget about them. As I pulled up, I saw two women come out of the dark mansion. I parked and started to walk up the wooden stairs.


“Why hello, James! We’ve been expecting you for quite some time.” One of the women said.


“Expecting me?” I asked confused.


“Oh, yes of course,” she said. I couldn’t understand why they were expecting me. Mom must have called.


“Did my Mom call and say I was coming?”


“No, we haven’t heard from her since your father died.”


Then how did you know I was coming?”


“You know your father did help out the orphanage a lot.” I tried remembering before he died and for some reason, I couldn’t remember him talking about his work. That is of course I was six at the time.


I’m sorry, but I can’t really remember much of him talking about his job.”


“No worries, you were so young. Oh, and my name is Correna and this is Helen.”


“It’s nice to meet you two,” I said smiling. For some odd reason I felt very comfortable with them. At first I was a little skeptical, but now it felt like I’ve known them. “I was actually wondering if-”


“You could work here?” Correna asked eagerly. I was taken back not only by her excitement, but that she knew once again.


“Ah, yeah.”


“We would love for you to work here, wouldn’t we, Helen?”


“Oh, yes indeed. It’s been such a long time without anyone new here and we’re so glad you came,” Helen said happily.


“Really?” I asked surprised.


“Yes,” Correna said. “Now come on in. We have lots to talk about.” Both Helen and Corren walked in front and lead me in. I walked into the giant house and felt like I was in some Dracula era house, with chandeliers and many paintings. “Down here, darling.” I walked down a hall with paintings of men on each side. As I got to the end, I saw a painting of my Dad. I stopped immediately and looked over all of the intricate details. He looked just as I remembered. “He was a very nice man. It’s a shame he’s gone.”




“Come on, we have some things to show you.” And we continued to walk down the hall and came to the end and into a smaller room. We all sat on the couch, with me in the middle between Correna and Helen. “Alright, now since you’re working with children, you will need to sign a contract. This implies not hurting them, doing anything to put them endangered, so on and so.” Correna handed me the paper and Helen handed me the pen. I looked over the paper for good measures and signed it. I couldn’t believe I was getting first job and being handed to me so easily. “Good good. Now, these children are very special to us and we can’t let anything happen to them.” I shook my head in agreement. She continued to talk about how much they meant to them and how good my Dad was with them, but in the back of my head, I kept wondering why there was fence like that out there around the house.


“I’m sorry for interrupting, but can I ask something?”


“Go ahead.”


“Has there been people who used to break in the house?”


“What do you mean?”


“I was just wondering why there’s a fence around the property.”


“Oh, yes. The reasoning for the fence is because some of the children have a temper and for good measures we need to make sure they can’t leave the orphanage.”


“What do you mean they have a bad temper? Have some of them run away before?”


“Correna, let’s just tell him. He already signed the contract,” Helen said.


“James, you need to have an open mind about this opportunity you have. These children are different. They’re different in a way that they could be dangerous to other who don’t understand.”


“Wait, I don’t understand. How could they be dangerous? They’re just children.”


“Yes, they are, but they’re different in a way that no one had seen before. James, you come from a long line of men who endure this job. You have something in you that can help the children in a way. It was a very sad lose that you’re father died, but he wanted you to hopefully continue this when you were older.” I was so confused why these children were so different and dangerous. Not to mention that I came from a family that have worked here. “Is everything alright?”


“Yes, sorry. I was just thinking.”


“You’re father said the same thing when he came here,” Helen said.


“Oh, yes. I remember. You look just like him,” Correna said.


“So is this going to be something I should be worried about? You know, since the children are dangerous.”


“No, no. They’re going to love you, trust us. If anything, they’re going to grow up and look at the world differently with you here. Do you trust us, James?” Corren asked. I thought about what I was getting myself into and then I thought about my Dad and if he would be proud of me. “Your father would be very proud if he knew you here today taking this opportunity.” Just what I needed to hear, and it actually comforted me.


“I’ve got nothing else to do, so why not.” They both smiled and laughed.


“This calls for a celebration!” Helen cheered.


“Yes, indeed!” Correna exclaimed. We walked to another door and stopped with me still in between them. “Are you ready to delve into a new world, James?” she asked.





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