A Talking cat Eating ice Cream

After a long day in the office, I was super excited to go home. Not only was it a Friday, but were having a four day weekend due to some construction going on our level. Like most people, they don’t like their jobs that much, so this was going to be heaven. I rushed all the way home, opened up the door, and felt the weekend vibe. “Oliver, I’m home!” I yelled to my cat. He was my gem, the apple to my eye, the peanut butter to my jelly. I absolutely adored him, but it was strange to not see him at the door when I came home. A sudden urge of worrieness came in fear that something bad had happened him. I ran to his bed in the living room and didn’t see him. Then up to the bathroom, my bedroom, the spare room, and still no sight. I beginning to become out of breath from not working out in so long, but I raced downstairs to the last room, the kitchen. The first thing I saw was the freezer door wide open. “Oliver?”


“Down here,” a strange voice said. I jumped and turned around over and over again, trying to see the man who was in my house. “No, I’m down here, Jackie,” the mysterious voice said. I slowly looked down next to the fridge and saw Oliver eating out of a tub of my favorite ice cream.


Forgetting about the voice, I walked over to him to pick him up and away from the ice cream. “Oliver, that isn’t good for you. You can’t eat human food.”


“You know you always give me scraps.”


“Yes, but that’s only- wait. Did you just say something?!”


“Who do you think has been talking to you this whole time?” he asked. I couldn’t believe this. I set Oliver on the counter and ran over to the sink and splashed my face a few times, then looked back at Oliver. “I’m still here. Are you alright, Jackie?”


“Umm, no. My cat is talking to me.”


“I think it’s from the ice cream,” he said. What?!


“One, how is that even possible, and two, why were you eating it?”


“Well I have no idea how I’m talking, and as for the other part, I just wanted something sweet to eat.” Oh my gosh. How in the world is this happening?


“Are you sure this is really happening?” I asked. Right after I asked that, I was questioning my whole life. I had just asked my cat is real life was actually happening.


“Yes, I am pretty sure because that ice cream tasted so good.” Great, no more ice cream for me. Well, I guess that will make for an even more exciting weekend. “Are we still on for a movie marathon?”


“You understand me when I say things like that?” I asked surprised.
“Duuuh.” We both started to laugh. You know, maybe this wouldn’t be as strange as I thought. We were basically best friends. Who would have thought that a cat eating ice cream would end up with it talking.


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