Almost Dying on my Birthday Wasn’t too bad

Being born able to know what’s buried beneath my feet is a lot more cool than you think. As I grew up, I found many upon many dead animals, watches, money (which I loved), toys, and anything else you could think of. Once I got into high school, I had to start deciding what I wanted to do after. And of course, I wanted to be an archaeologist. But since I was widely known in my town for my ability, I had an offer come to me the day I graduated high school, an offer that would forever change my life. It was a man named Liam Ross, who was the one of top archaeologists in the world. He said that I could travel with his team and get paid for it. I couldn’t pass up the offer, there were too many good things about it. I would be traveling, finding outrageous things, learning so much, and getting paid for all of it. And so, I followed through and I was in for more than I ever wanted. It’s been over 10 years, going on 11 and we have found countless amounts of ancient treasures, extinct animal bones, and even some lost cities. If I could tell you anything, doing something you love gives you a lot more knowledge than just learning about it.


Today was my 29th birthday and I wanted some cake.


“Happy Birthday to you!” everyone sang. “Happy 30th old man,” Liam joked.


“He’s finally catching up to the rest of us,” Van said and everyone laughed again. All four of us dug into the cake and devoured it and all of it’s delicious chocolateness. Then we sat there and talked about great memories from when I first started with these guys.


“Hey, remember when you fell down the tree and rolled down the hill back in Hawaii?” Jack asked.


“Or what about when we were india and he fell of the elephant?” Van said.


“None of those were my fault, by the way. Van is the one who pushed me off the tree,” I said defending myself.


“Oh it was a little shove.”


“And I’m pretty sure it was Van again who put a snake on my head, which made me fall off once again.”


“Well, maybe since you’re all grown up now, you won’t act like a baby,” Van said. We sat there for about an hour and talked more about memories, then decided what we should do for the rest of the day.


“What do you say we go down to the amazons and find some treasure?” Liam asked plainly.


“The amazons, as in South America amazon’s?” Jack asked.




“Don’t you think that’s a little too dangerous? No one even knows what’s all there.”


“It’ll be fine. Besides, I already booked the plane and I have a map of most of it.”


“So you’re not asking us, you’re telling us,” Van said.


“That sounds about right.”


“Sounds like fun,” I said.


“I guess none of have died yet, so what could it hurt?” Jack said. Each of us packed up in about 20 minutes and left for South America. All of us except for Liam were convinced that the plane we went on was going to kill us before anything else could, considering how thin the metal was. But we finally made it after a five hour flight, and dived straight into the amazon jungle.


“Jesus… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than this,” Van said.


“What’d I tell ya, boys. This place is like a jungle paradise,” Liam happily said. And I had to admit that the colors of everything was quite beautiful and the seeing the waterfalls was amazing as well. We continued walking for about two when the heat began to hit us.


“Are we going to be there anytime soon?” Jack moaned. All of us were soaking in sweat.


“Just a few hundred more yards and we should be there,” Liam said. And so we continued through the path and eventually got there. “Alright, we should be here. Is there anything, Noah?” I walked around the area for a minute and could tell that there was something big, but I couldn’t tell.


“I think so,” I said. Van and Jack busted out their shovels and began to dig. And right as the metal from the shovel hit the ground, I felt a horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach. It felt as though we shouldn’t dig here, we shouldn’t even be here. “Hey guys, I don’t think we should be digging here.”


Jack and Van both stopped digging and looked up. “What do you mean?” Liam asked.


“I-I don’t know. It just feels weird to be here. I don’t know how to explain it.”


“I think the heat has gotten to your head,” Jack said. “Maybe you should sit down.”


“No, something’s different this time. I couldn’t see what was underneath and I just have a bad feeling about this place.” I turned around quickly because I thought someone had said my name.


“Are you alright, Noah?”


“You didn’t hear that?”


“Hear what? Noah, if you’re playing some games, we don’t have time for it.


“I swore someone said my name. Guys, really, I don’t think this is a good place to be at right now.”


“Maybe he’s right,” Van said.


“We’ve come all the way here and we’re just going to leave because Mr. Scaredy pants over there has a bad feeling?” Jack said.


“Calm down, we haven’t seen anything, so we’ll stay here. But if something happens, we’re leaving,” Liam said. Jack and Van went back to digging and I joined along with them. After digging for a half hour, we all climbed out of the hole and took a break. I still had to weird feeling, but I tried my best to ignore it. “Do you know how much more deep it is?” Liam asked.


“I’m not sure, it just looks like a big black cloud. But it does seem like something valuable-” I was interrupted by an arrow shooting right at us. We all quickly got up and looked all around.


“Where the hell did that come from?!” Jack exclaimed.


“Wherever it did, did not like us,” Van said. Another arrow came and then another. We all hid behind rocks and trees, then came tons of yells and whoops. I tried to see where these people were at, but I couldn’t see anything but plants.


“Liam, did we go into some kind of native area?” Jack asked still hiding from the arrows.


“Shit, I didn’t think we were that deep into the jungle,” Liam said. “Alright, we’re just going to make a run for it.”


“And have them shoot us down with arrows? I don’t think so.”


“Do you have a better idea?” I looked around to see if there was a better way out when I remembered seeing a waterfall nearby that would lead down to where we first began.


“Hey, what about the waterfall?” I asked.


“What about it, kid?”


“It’s just down the path and if we go down it, we’ll be back where we first started.”


“It sounds better than nothing,” Van said.


“We go on three,” Liam said. “One, two… three!” We all bolted off and ran straight to the waterfall. The arrows and yells were still following us, but we were out running them by a few seconds. After giving it our best, we came to the edge of the waterfall. “Alright, glide with the water and try not to die.” We all jumped in and went with the flow of the water. It almost felt like I was in a water slide, until the end. That felt like someone slammed a door into me. I swam to the surface and then to land. I looked around, saw the guys at the other side, and made my towards them.


“Are you alright?” Liam asked.


“Yeah. You guys?”


“One hell of a landing, but we’re fine,” Van said.


“Let’s never do that again,” Jack said.




We started to head back the same way we came. “That wasn’t too bad for my 30th birthday,” I joked. “We should do it again.”


“In your dreams!” They all said at once.


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