I Want him and his Friend to Burn

“Hey, toss me another beer!” I shouted without care.


“Shhh, the chainsaw killer will hear you out here,” Jason slurred then tossed me a can of beer. We were out in the middle of the woods just for kicks and giggles, drinking out asses off. It was a Friday night and we had nothing better to do.


“You still believe in that old tale from when we were kids?”


“Yeah, man. Remember when Robby Tam disappeared?” He was one of my best friends in high school. It was 10 years later and I still remember it.


“He probably just ran away, he was having problems at home anyways.”


“Let’s  not think of that anymore, it’s giving me the goosebumps. Hey, let’s go down to the creek like old times and try to catch some frogs.” I looked at Jason like he was an idiot. “Okay, whatever, we don’t have to do that. I just want to do something fun!” Jason then dropped his beer, climbed a tree, and hung off like a monkey. “Look at me!” For some reason I thought that was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. Jason jumped off and ran away deeper into the woods. I was still in the incontrolable state, grabbed our beers and headed off to the direction he went.


“Jasonnn,” I sang. “Come out come out wherever you are.” I snuck around between trees and bushes hoping I could scare him, but there was no trace of him anywhere. I continued to look around and heard someone laugh and kept in the same direction. “I’m gonna get you, so you better come out now before it happens.” Everything was beginning to spin from all of the beer. I didn’t even care, I kept drinking my beer and even some of Jason’s.


“Come here,” Jason whispered.” I followed his voice and entered a part of the woods I had never seen before. It was a giant circled off space full of grass and surrounded by trees. Jason had to of been playing a game on me.


“Marco!” I shouted as a joke waiting to hear a response.


Then a swarm of voices said, “Polo.” I jumped from hearing all of them and looked around and saw about twenty people surrounding the me where the trees were. This was a little creepy, but I figured I’d play along.


“Okay, Jason, you got me. You can come out now.” The people just stood there staring at me. “Seriously, stop it. This is creeping me out right now.” Then one of the people started to skip out to me. It was a little girl who had face paint on that looked like a skull. All she did was smile and circle around me. “Who are you?” I asked.


“You’re worst nightmare,” she said happily. This was going too far, I did not want to be in this stupid game.


“You’ve got me, Jason! You can come out now and stop playing this stupid joke.”


“This isn’t some stupid joke,” I woman said from behind me. I jumped and turned around, which made the little girl and woman laugh.


“Did Jason put you guys up to this?” I asked.


“Oh, your friend? He’s doing fine, but we want both of you to play a game with us.”


“I don’t think we want to play any games. We should probably get going, and what do you mean that he’s doing fine?”


“He struggled at first, but he’s all fine now.” The way she said he’s all fine now made me my skin shiver from head to toe. I knew I was drunk, but I was aware that this was actually happening and it was freaking me out.


“Do you want to play a real game?” the little girl asked.


“I don’t think so.” She looked hurt and began to cry. “No, I didn’t mean to be rude about that, it’s just that I just don’t want to play any games.”


“No, you hate me. You’re mean and a bully!” she yelled. “Daddy!” A man came who I assumed was her Dad.


“Is this man being mean to you, sweetie?” he asked staring right into my eyes.




“Well what do you think should happen to him?”


The little girl stopped crying, smiled, and said, “I want him and his friend to burn.” The man smiled as well.


“That’s my girl.” I was about to run away when someone had hit me on the head and knocked me out.




I woke up to the sound of people yelling and shouting with me hands tied behind my back. My head was off the wall from the alcohol and getting hit on the head. I looked around and saw Jason laying across from me in the same situation. “Jason, what the hell is going on?”


“I have no idea, I thought you were up to this.”


“What? I thought you were when you ran off.”


“At first I was just joking around, but then these people came to me and started to beat me up. They’re absolutely crazy, man.” We both looked around and saw all of the people dancing around a fire. “We have to get out of here right now.”


“Why would you guys want to go? The fun is just starting!” a woman said excitedly. Then a group of men dragged Jason and I toward two big wooden crosses. We both kicked and squirmed but it was no use, there were too many of them.


“Let go of us!” I yelled.


“But we want you to meet the devil,” a man said.


“Help! Someone help us!” Jason yelled.
“The only one who can hear you is the devil himself, so safe your voice for later when you meet him.” They then began to tie us to the crosses just like jesus was. We kept trying to yell for help and try to get out of the ropes, but it felt like all hope was lost. After a while of more dancing and singing, they lifted the wooden crosses up, staked them to the ground, and lit them on fire. And at that moment I had never felt fear more in my life. My muscles felt loose and my mind didn’t feel like getting out anymore. Everything around was double and my hearing was going in and out. I couldn’t focus on anything anymore, everything was slowly blending all together. I then felt a stinging pain on the lower half of my body. I looked down and saw fire engulfing me, and that’s when the burning pain came to me. I yelled and screamed wishing and hoping this nightmare would end. I could feel the burning sensation slowly killing me and everything inside. Twisting and turning was my last hope to escape, but failed each time. Then the pain numbed me. I looked over at Jason and saw his head limp and dangling. I wanted to keep my eyes open in hopes it would be a dream, but the pain was taking over me. I had to close my eyes and know that I would open them again.


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