Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know: Part 9

As most of you know, I talk mostly about survival tips that require you to be on land, but there will the occasional times where you’ll be in a situation that involves water. I know water isn’t the nicest of places to be when surviving, but they do come across. First we will be talking about how sail the waters without having an actual boat. To begin, you’ll need to find a tree and chop it down. Bigger the trunk, the better for you. After that you will need to take the bark off carefully. Imagine yourself holding a newborn baby or a giant diamond, that’s how careful you need to be in this process. Once you’re done with that, take the wood you carved out with you or if you’re going to be coming back, place it in a hidden area. That way you’ll have a source to create a fire. Don’t say I never looked out for you. Carrying on, you will then need to take the flatten out pieces and tie them together. To get something strong enough to tie it all together, you’ll want to find a much more slim tree that will give you the almost paper like bark. After shaving down as many pieces as you can, you can then tie all of the bigger and stronger bark together. After that, you should be set. But since I am an expert, I suggest to find lots of bigger leaves to place in top. This is very good use for longer trips. A.K.A. so your tush won’t get sore.


My second tip will have to deal with the same bark you already have. I’m sure since you followed my steps, that you have extra bark on your hands. You’ll want to create a cylinder shape with them. So you basically roll it into a hotdog bun form. And as for the ends, place a smaller piece on each. Before place the top piece one, place leave in there to protect the inside, because essentially what we’re building is an oxygen tank. And so you do not want any leaks. Then capture as much air as you can by swinging it through the air. Finally, seal it by placing the top piece on. After that, take the leftover paper like bark and tie from the top to the bottom of the oxygen tank. Then create two straps by trying off the string you’ve already tied down, making it look like a backpack. And there you go! You have yourself an eco friendly, non expensive oxygen tank.


The last tip will be how to make flippers. This one is the easiest of all. What you’ll need to get the very very big green bush leaves. The plants where the leaf if very thick. Best bet for the average person is to get at least 10 of the leaves for each foot. If you have bigger, I would recommend about 15 for each. Then get some more of the paper like bark and lots of it. After that sit down and begin to wrap the leaves around your shoe. After you wrap one leaf around, make sure to tie it. The best place to begin tying would be in the middle, then go back and forth between wrapping and trying. You want all of these layers so if one or two break, you’ll still be in the safe zone. Once you’re done, you can now go out into whatever waters and freely swim at good measures. Just watch out for any sharks or piranhas.
We are almost at the end but no worries, I still have one more set of three tips coming your way. So be on the look out those as well as your survival!


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