Been Reading Minds Since age Seven

Turning seven was a big deal for me. Not only was I getting to be a “big boy” but that was the day I was able to read minds. At first I thought I was just imagining it, but then as I would ask my family why they thought the things they did, it turned into a reality for me. From there on out I had been confronting people in my life that were bullies and bullies towards others. Although I’ve never really told anyone, everyone made a suspicion that I could but it was mostly a rumor and joke. And I was glad no one really knew. The secrecy made my life feel like one the JAmes Bond movies. After high school and college I didn’t have to deal with seeing the same people everyday, so reading minds of bullies stopped. Since starting my life, I mostly watched people’s thoughts passively.


Today I had my first day of work off in forever, so I decided to go to one the famous donut shops in the early morning. It was marking the 10th year I could read minds, which lead to the thought of a mini celebration for me, myself, and I. On my way to the shop I kept coming across the same mysterious man. Everytime I turned my head he was there watching me, but I erased it from my head and went ahead inside the donut shop. The delicious smells of freshly made donuts made my stomach ache from not having any food yet. “Hi sir. What can I get for you today?” And then I heard her thoughts. “Oh my, he’s so hot!” I was quite pleased to hear that, but I’m pretty sure she was 19. So I smiled to make her feel better, which made her think she was in love.


“Hi, can I get a jelly filled and chocolate please.”


“Any coffee with that?”


“Water please.” We exchanged money for food and I couldn’t help notice but her trial of trying to touch my hand.  I smiled one more time as a goodbye for I couldn’t lead her on anymore. I went straight towards the corner of the shop where no one else was. At least on my day off I wanted as much quiet as possible. I closed my eyes right as I bit into the jelly filled donut. That was good, so good. Opening my eyes I saw the man again, he was ordering. I figured since he was so strange to me, I’d try to know what he was thinking. After endless counts of failure, I gave up. Now that seemed even more strange, usually everyone had at least one thought. He then started to come my direction. Please don’t let this be some crazy person. Not on my day off. Low and behold he sat right across from me.


“You know, that’s not going to work on me,” he said.


“What’s not going to work on you?”


“Reading my mind.” Did he really know? Were there other people like me?


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Yes, there are other people like you.” My heart stopped for a moment. “Logan, have you ever thought about greater uses for your ability?”


“H-How do you know my name?” I started to become flustered.


“Do you trust me?”


“I just met you. How can I answer that question? And you haven’t answered mine.”


“I am from a group of people who are just like you. At the age of seven you’re all of a sudden able to read minds and for no explained reason. I had been put on an assignment to find you because there are so few of us and we want to protect one another. And so that’s how I know your name.” This was the first time since my calculus class in high school that I was completely confused. “It’s okay that you’re confused, we all are when we first see another person who are like us. Now do you trust me?” I didn’t know what else to say.




“There’s a lot we need to talk about, so if you wouldn’t mind coming with me to discuss in private.”


“But this is my day off.”


“You can finish eating before we go.” He sat there staring at me for a minute. I tried to finish, but it was no use.


“Okay, fine. We’ll go.” He smiled happily and led the way. We walked about a mile to a luxurious hotel where he was staying at. His room was double the size of a studio apartment.


“Do you want something to drink?”


“Water is fine.” We sat down on the couch and began to discuss whatever it was he was trying to get at. “So there’s more people like me?”


“Yes. Right now, including myself, there’s 10 of us.”


“Only 10?” I was taken back to hear such a small number.


“I know it’s not the best, but we’re trying to find as many people as we can and half the people we do find die.”




“There is a much larger group of people who can read minds, but their motives aren’t good. And so they kill the ones we have gotten to already. It’s sick, but they don’t care and all they do care about is power and greed. We want to reach out to as many people as we can because of that and most people don’t know how to control reading minds. With that leading to going insane from all of the voices.”


“What are you try to ask me?”


“Would you like to join us?”


“And if I do, what happens next?”


“First we’ll teach you how to make your mind invisible, so others can’t read your thoughts. Then how to break a barrier of people’s minds you can’t read right away. Lastly, how to silence other people’s thoughts. After that we’ll talk about then.”


“Would I have to give everything else I have here up?”


“Unfortunately, yes. We want to make you as safe as we can. Meaning no more contact with the real world. It’ a lot to give up, but we hope that you’ll come to understand one day.” Doing this would have meant giving up the social work job I had right now, which would suck the most. I loved helping others. “You will be able to help others once you get past the first three steps. In fact you’ll be able to do much more than right now.” There was nothing else left for me here anyways.”


“Sure, why not.”


“You’ll be thanking me one day, Logan.” I hope.


“You never said your name.”


“Well Wyatt, what are we waiting for?”


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