She Must be Executed

After what seemed like hours, I finally came out of the almost demolished building. Everywhere I looked there was debris and smoke covering all of Aquadan, even the ocean. “Princess Jasman!” a man yelled. His face finally shown through the smoke, it was Ezra. “There you are, we’ve been looking everywhere for you. Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes, just some minor scratches. What about everyone else?” I asked hoping nothing too serious happened.

“No one was majorly hurt, same as you. The palace is still intact, we should be heading there now.” As we made our way, everything around looked terrible. Houses were completely destroyed and the people. Oh, the people. They looked as terrible as Aquadan, each and everyone with horrified faces. Like Ezra said, the palace was intact and seemed as if nothing had happened. “We will be having a meeting in the orchid room in about 20 minutes. I’ll leave you to your room to gather yourself.”

“Thank you.” I closed the door and slumped down to the floor. I couldn’t believe Eliza had attacked us. She always threatened, but never actually meant anything. After reflecting on everything that happened, I walked to the orchid room where everyone was waiting for me.

“Princess Jasman, welcome. I was glad to hear nothing serious happened to you,” Donald said.

“I hope nothing bad happened to any of you.” Everyone responded with nos.

“Now that we’re all here, what are we going to do with that witch?” Donald said in a vile voice.

“There’s only one thing we do to people like her. She must be executed,” someone said. Then came an uproar of everyone agreeing. There were only 12 people, but it sounded like 50. I looked to Ezra for him to silence them.

“Everyone, please quiet down! We must take this situation in good measures. Jasman, is there anything you would like to say?” Ezra asked.

“We cannot execute her.”

“And why not?” Donald asked.

“Because that is not how we things.”

“She nearly destroyed all of Aquadan. It is said in our decree that every criminal must be brought up and pay for their mistakes.”

“Exactly, mistakes. Before my parents passed they told me the reason why that law was worded like that. Eliza is misunderstood and needs someone to understand for who she is as a person, not some witch. That is why I’ve decided to talk to her myself and hopefully bring her to an understanding for all of us.” Everyone stared at me like I was speaking in a different language, even Ezra.

“I’m sorry, but Jasman, someone like her has to be dealt with in some other way. If you aren’t going to agree with the execution, at least make her pay for this disaster in some way.”

“He’s right,” Ezra said. “Aquadan could have been hurt worse today. Some people could have even died.” I knew no one was going to agree with me but I needed them to.

“I will come to a compromise. First we will see if Eliza will work with us and come to an understatement for what she has done. And maybe from there, we can build a strong relationship with her. If this attempt fails, she will be put to hard labor in reconstructing Aquadan. Nothing further than that. Execution is out of the picture.”

“Your parents were very skilled in making others come to a realization, maybe you can too,” Donald said. A messenger was sent out to summon Eliza, while we all waited for her appearance. After an hour of waiting, she finally appeared.

“Well, I should have brought some chips and then we could call this a party,” Eliza sneered, which made everyone look at me in hopes I could make this happen.

“Hello Eliza, and welcome,” I said.

“If it isn’t the Princess herself. What can I do for you, brush your hair, get you a glass of water?” I hated that everyone outside Aquadan thought I was some prima donna.

“No thank you, I can actually do both of those myself.”

“I’m surprised to hear that.”

“Stop mocking her!” Donald yelled. “You should be ashamed for what you’ve done to us.”

“Ashamed?” Eliza said taken back. “I’m glad for what I did. All you people care about is nothing but yourselves, you deserved what happened.”

“Could everyone please excuse us,” I said.

“We will not leave you alone with her.”

“Please, it’s all I ask.” Donald sighed and everyone left Eliza and I by ourselves. “Why did you do this?” I asked calmly.

“I just told you. Do you need someone to listen for you too?”

“No, I do not. And you did not tell me. You didn’t almost destroy Aquadan by yourself because you thought we deserved it. Tell me the truth.”

“I’m not telling you anymore than I already did.”

“Eliza, everyone agreed to allow me to help you and if you don’t cooperate now, worse could come for you and I don’t want that. We’re both 17, have deceased parents, and are different from others. I can connect to you in some ways, now please tell me the truth.” She turned away and I almost thought she was going to refuse again, but I still had some hope left in me.

“They said if I did as much damage as I did, that my parents would be proud of me. And that my powers would finally be put to use.”

“Who told you?”

“The mastoffs.” They once were friends of my parents, but betrayed and killed them. They wanted too much power and what they believed was justice. Since then, they’ve been in hiding.

“Eliza, they don’t want the best out of you, they want something of their own. Trust me, I’ve seen it at first hand.” She was still turned away from me. “My parents helped them and made everyone else understand that they weren’t bad. Soon after doing so, they killed my parents for the power. And just like my parents, I want to do the same for you. Everyone says you’re terrible, but I see a girl who wants to be understood and maybe even a friend at her side.” She turned to face me.

“You would really do that? Even after what I did?”

“Well I want to make sure that you know what you did was wrong and terrible. But yes, I want to get to know who you are and make everyone else understand too.”

“I’ve never had a true friend before.”

“I promise you as long as you promise me that we’ll work through anything and try to build a strong relation through friendship.”

“I don’t have to dress in pink dresses, do I?” We both laughed and felt like we were both taking our first step in the right direction.

“Only if you wish to.”


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