30 Days of Thankfulness Day 1: Family

Let’s kick of this by saying one of the more important things in my life and I imagine a lot of others, family. Now this can mean blood and non blood related family members. Family can go from your father to your Aunt all the way to your best friend. To me your family are the ones who truly and honestly care about you for you. Not about what your titles are or what you have, just who you are. And if that means a blood related family member doesn’t care about your success and would rather not hear or see you, that doesn’t have to make them who your true family is. Remember that in the end, the people who surround you with love and devotion are your family and who you’ll want to turn to in hard times.

I have spelled out family and have given a word to each letter for what I think best fits what a family means to me.

F is for faithful. I believe that faith will come a long way in a family. It’s what makes each and everyone help move everyone else along their path. That can be telling your sibling that you have faith in them that they’ll do great in their job they’ve always wanted. If they try, they have a great chance at being successful. Or that your father will have faith in you to make not always make the good decision, but the right one. Simply because he believes in you.

A is for accepting. To put in perspective, America as a family has come a long way of accepting. There’s still a lot to be done, but for the most part it’s there. I know a lot of people who will disagree with me, but those are the ones who have to be a part of the accepting process more often than they’re willing to be. For example, gay marriage has been one of the more recent challenges that America has accepted. Now so many people can be with their loved ones and not have to worry about anything. I know some others will still say things in public, but that can go for anyone. To me, as long as they have each other, they should be on top of the world. Besides, unless a relationship isn’t healthy, I see nothing wrong about it. So when it comes to family and they’re not willing to accept you for who you are, as much as you want them to be, they may not be your true family. If they can’t love you because of who you date, your lifestyle, how you dress, or even what you believe in, it’s not worth the pain. The pain you’ll go through to make yourself accepting when the family doesn’t want to be.

M is for motivation. Nonetheless, everyone needs motivation multiple times in their life. Starting from your first soccer match when you’re eight to getting the job you’ve really wanted when you’re 25. It doesn’t matter age you, family should always be there for you when you need the motivation the most. It’s what drives you to become successful. Sometimes you don’t win that soccer match and sometimes you might not get the job. It’s a huge let down, but you’ll be motivated once again and you’ll pick yourself right back up and continue to strive for what you want. That certainly can’t happen without the motivation, and what makes it so much better is that family will always be there for you, so it’ll come again and again.

I is for important. Without importance, family would simply not be family. I believe that when your family makes you important, it’s going to make you feel a whole lot better. When you’ve had a bad day and need to tell your mother about it, if she truly loves and cares, she’s going to make that conversation very important and meaningful. I think that when family gives off that quality, it makes everyone connected in every way possible.

L is for love. Love is love. It’s what makes the world go round and people great. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, find the family that gives you that straightforward love you need in your life.

Y is just the little extra that comes with a family. There will be ups and downs. At many points in your life, you’ll think there are a lot more downs than ups, but believe me, it’s only a matter of time before you realize how great everything is. Even if you don’t have much, there’s still something there.


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