30 Days of Thankfulness Day 2: Close Ones

Alright, so this topic ties in with the first post from yesterday, your close ones. This can go for a family member or friend. Like I said yesterday, it’s great to have your family around you and being supportive, but sometimes family isn’t the right place to go to. I’m not saying if you’re super close to your brother you shouldn’t talk to him, that’s totally fine. If your close friends are your family and you can talk to them about anything, that’s great. But the people who would rather not talk to family about certain things in your life, it’s great to have a close friend or two. Family is great, but the word can get around so easily sometimes and that’s not the best feeling knowing many know what’s going on for you. What I’m trying to get at is that it’s great to have a really good friend to talk to. They’ll be the ones who are judgement free and will give you the best advice they know how to. And sure they may get tired of your problems once and awhile, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop caring and not want to do the best they can. That’s why you two are friends.

I am definitely thankful for the few close ones around me who really do care and wish the best upon myself, as I do for them. It’s a small yet big gesture that anyone could do. In the moment not many of us realize it, but in the end it comes to all of us. For the past couple of years, I’ve enjoyed it so much to just let out everything to someone who I know and trust and they do the exact same thing. It’s what we all need in life from time to time.


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