The Strong Wings of an Eagle

From my herd, I was one of the younger stallions, being a year old. We were always on the move, but not too far. In certain parts of the year we would come back to the same places. It was in the middle of summer, which was my favorite time of the year. I would constantly be out and away from the herd, running, running to wherever my hooves lead me to.

As usual, after the herd woke up, I was on my way to run off into the depths of the green valley. I trotted to the top of the hill and looked into the distance to see where I wanted to go. I barely made it out, but it looked like a waterfall far away. It was a hot one today, so I figured it would be worth a chance to jump into cool water. Right as I made my decision, I bolted off to the waterfall. The air pushing me made my entire body feel both amazing and electrifying in some odd pairing. Not only the air, but the ground. Each time one of my hooves met the soft dirt, it gave me power that fueled my excitement more and more. As I ran I heard a peculiar noise, nothing I’ve ever heard before. Looking to my sides I saw nothing but trees. I looked up and saw a figure in the sky. It looked familiar, but the sun was masking the creature’s features. It looked like whatever it was was following me. I stopped abruptly to get a good look and it did the same. The strange creature was a bald eagle, rare and beautiful to see. It flew in circles around me and made friend like gestures to me. I smiled at it and did the same. It whistled at me and flew up high to the sky, and stayed there until I began to run again. As I run I looked right up at it and felt as if I were flying along side. At that moment, running and flying seemed like the same thing for us. We continued our journey to the waterfall. It kept flying with me, and so I hoped this would be a new and long lasting friendship.


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