30 Days of Thankfulness Day 3: My Being

Now I know this can sound a bit deep and whatnot, but it’s something that everyone experiences here and there. My being. That meaning how grateful you see your life. For only being 18, I’ve had a handful of experiences where I didn’t really cared what happened. I’m not saying I would have wanted to die, it’s just that I didn’t really think or care about consequences. This included small things like texting while driving or trying to find a song I wanted to play. I never got into any accidents or anything like that, but there were a couple of times where it could have ended badly. It’s things like that where I begin to see that I could have damaged myself along with others, and to me that’s not the best feeling.

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this now, but just try to understand that life isn’t going to be great all of the time. There’ll be many bumps, twists, and turns. But do not worry, everything will turn alright in the end. Just make sure to keep your head up high and continue to live as happy of a life you can. And endure all of the craziness life hands you and remember what you need to be thankful for. Being alive and well is one of the top gifts you should be thankful for. It’s what leads you to all of your future and great experiences.


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