The Pounding Hooves of a Stallion

Every morning I saw the same young stallion run off to somewhere different everyday. I wanted so badly to fly next to him because of how much enjoyment it looked like he was getting, but I had never been close to a horse before. And so, I just flew in between the trees on the secret journeys with him.

As I sat there perched on the tops of the tree, I watched the young stallion make his way to the beginning of the hill. After a while of deciding where he wanted to go to today, he immediately run straight towards the waterfall. Like I said, most days I flew by him but hid in the trees, not today though. I wanted to fly above him, I wanted to feel all the same things he was feeling. I lifted my wings out and pushed away into the sky. I had never felt more freedom when flying with him. I could feel the cool air push against my wings, leaving me feel more and more eager to reach our destination. With all of the excitement, I whistled out down below in hopes he hear me and he did. He looked confused and eventually stopped running. I did as well and flew down to him. He looked amazed and so did I. Since I had never seen a horse up close before, this was quite thrilling for me. He smiled at me, which meant this was a great start. Living most of my life by myself, I hoped we would become friends. I whistled again and flew right back up into the sky and continued flying the depths of the green valley. I looked down and saw he was running. When I did, it felt like I was running along side with him. And at that moment, it felt as if flying and running were the same for us. We continued down the path, and so I hoped this friendly greeting would turn into a lifelong friendship.


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