30 Days of Thankfulness Day 6: Moving to California

“I prefer my footprints in the sand to the snow.”

– Unknown

Sunny California has been a blast! I’ve only been here for a little time, but it’s been quite the adventure. It’s been great to be able to wake up to nice weather every morning, be surrounded by palm trees, and have the sun warm me up in November. I do have to admit that there a few things that suck here; the traffic and the gross smells. Driving around Southern California can be so painful sometimes. Especially on Fridays and Sundays. Those days I’m on the 405 and it can be quite nasty. But in the early mornings, there’s only the handful of people who need to go to work and that drive then is great. I don’t know what it is, but some parts of SoCal smell so gross. It’s like a mixture of rotten eggs and gas… From someone who is used to fresh air, California’s air isn’t what I expected. I’m pretty sure cow manure smells better than whatever those smells are.

Anyways, California has been great to me. Although this state can be dangerous, I haven’t gotten myself into those parts, and I’m very thankful for that. Especially with living in LA, but very soon I’ll down towards San Diego and I’ll be in a much safer place, which I am also very thankful for. Recently I’ve been put in good situations and I hope for this to continue, as I do for all of you who are reading.


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