30 Days of Thankfulness Day 9: The Things I Have

I know that all of the topics I’ve talked about so far have been cheesy ones and that everyone knows, but I feel like I have to say them for my own sake. As of today, I’ll be talking about the things I have. That includes, a cell phone, computer, money, clothes, even laundry detergent. I may not need a cell phone or computer, but those things have really connected me to social media, family, friends, etc. I’ve been pretty lucky all my life to be able to have that. I may definitely complain from time to time about the wifi being slow, but I do know that I have a lot more than others. I also know that many others have more than I. There comes many times when I wished I had a million dollars or tons of clothes, but then I think about it and wonder how different would my life be. I might not have the friends I have right now if I had a million dollars. Money always seems to change another person’s point of view of you.

Like always, I’m rambling again. Topics such as the ones I’ve been doing are pretty straight to the point and you all get and understand them. That’s why some of these are a tad short. But just remember that being thankful shouldn’t just be in November. But at all times of the year. You never know what could possibly happen.


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