They’ve Been Gone for a Year

It was a year and my brother was still gone. He left to see what the Canada could offer a polar bear, but I couldn’t stand him being gone any longer. There must be something I could do. “Hey, Natallia!” I looked around to see who was there and it was Gavin, my best friend.

“Hi Gavin.”

“What are you doing up here by yourself?”

“Just thinking.”

“Do you mind me asking what your you’re thinking about?” I didn’t want to tell him, but he was my best friend, so I had to.

“I want to look for Kayden.” He stared at me with a blank look.

“You can’t do that.”

“Why not? He’s been gone for a year now. What if he’s lost and he can’t find home anymore?”

“Kayden didn’t get lost, he’s good with stuff like that. In fact, he loves stuff like that. Not to mention my brother went him too, so they have each other.” I almost forgot that Nolan went with as well.

“I know but it’s been a year, Gavin. And no word from either of them, something has of happened. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I need some kind of closure, I need to know what’s happened to him. After my Mother passed away, he’s the only family I have left.”

“What about me? We’re basically family.”

“You know what I mean.” He shoved at my shoulder.

“Come on, I’m just joking.” I looked at him and smiled. He always seemed to make me laugh at all the right times. “I understand what you’re going through, I think the same things everyday too. I just hope and pray to the bear gods that they’re fine everyday.” I looked down at the ice and wished Kayden and Nolan were here.

“I’m going whether you like it or not,” I said boldly. “You can stay here if you want, but I’m going and that’s final.”

“Okay,” he said calmly. I twisted my head.




“But I’m coming with you.”

“I can do this by myself,” I said proudly.

“So where do you plan to go first?” I didn’t think of any of that. Where would I go first?

“In that direction,” I said pointing north.

“That’s strange because I distinctly remember Kayden and Nolan going west.”

“Okay, well I’m going west then.”

“I don’t care what you like, I’m going with you and that’s that.”

“Good, I wanted you to come anyways,” I said mockingly.

“I know.”

“You always know everything.”

“And that’s why you need me,” he joked. I laughed and nudged him. “Are you ready for this journey?”

“More than I’ll ever be.”


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