30 Days of Thankfulness Day 13: Where I’m at

As of right now, I am pretty thankful for where I am in life. Not many people can just pick up and move from Wisconsin to California, and only be 18 after three months of graduation. It’s crazy to think about it, but it’s great! I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.

Other than being in California, things have been kind of rough. This includes my job. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE writing, but the pay off as of right now isn’t the best. But I know in the future, my hard work will pay off, hopefully. It’s very discouraging when a lot of people around you don’t believe that you can make a career out of writing, but there are the few that shine through and tell you, “you can do it.” It’s very nice and motivational to hear it from someone other than myself. I know the decision I made to completely make writing my career was VERY crazy and scary, but I know in myself that I can do it. I have a small but strong support system, myself going everyday, and everything around that keeps my head up.

If you’re going through something like that, remember to look around at where you’re at and focus on some of the better things. It’ll honestly make your day a million times better, I promise!


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