Best Survival Tips You’ll Ever Need to Know: Final

Today we are gathered here to hear the last three tips I will ever give you. I know this is a very sad time, but these last three trips I’ll be telling you will be so useful for you that you’ll be wanting so many more. As you are aware, I give you tips that will be majorly useful for you when the time comes. But this set of tips are ones you wouldn’t even think about until it happens.

Let’s begin with your shoes. Shoes can be so crucial in times of survival. They are the ones who make sure you don’t step on any broken glass, animal feces, etc. Also, shoes will be your best friend when it comes to running. The first tip I’ll give you is how to make your shoes even better than what they are. By the way, you’ll need to be somewhere safe to do the following. You’ll need to have your shoes off for a full 24 hours to make this work. Start off by getting any of the gunk out from the bottoms and crevices of your shoes. Next put each hand in the correlating shoe, then rub the bottoms of the shoes as if you were rubbing your hands together. You’ll want to do this for about 10 minutes. Since you’re going to have to constantly rub your shoes for 10 straight minutes, I would suggest doing some push ups the night before you do this. It’ll help strengthen your arms so it won’t be so bad when the time comes. After that, you’ll need to lick all over the bottoms. I know what you’re thinking already, but don’t worry, that’s why you got everything out and rubbed the shoes for 10 minutes. All of the bacteria and such will be gone. Make sure to lick every square inch you can. Once you’ve let the shoe dry, lick it again and do this process 15 times. After that’s all done, let the shoes lay out for 24 hours. When that’s all done, you’re finished! You’re shoes can now go anywhere and do anything. The saliva acted as a running, walking, climbing, jumping, swimming, etc. enhancer. You can now do all of those things in a much faster pace than you ever could before.

The second tip will be about you insanity. I’ve touched on this topic before with some games to play, but this one is a must if you’re on your own. Or if you don’t like the people you’re with. It’s your very own friend, pal, buddy, whatever you’d like to call it. I’d like to call this the”Build-a-Friend.” Wherever you are, you can make one of these. First you’ll want to find some kind of structure, like a large rock or something. We’re not all lucky like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, but if you do come across a ball, take it. Then you’ll need to find or make a paste, I’d suggest a berry of some kind. And if you can’t find any berries, you can spit into the dirt and make a mud mixture. Once you’ve found something that works, use your fingers to paint on a face. You don’t have to be too artsy about this, just a simple two dots and a mouth will do fine. And that’s all you need really. You can get creative and find some accessories, but for now this will do fine. Now you will have someone you can vent to and who knows, maybe they’ll talk back to you… Mine does.

Lastly, I will be talking about how to make your own food in desperate times. For this you will need time, a safe place, and your imagination. First, find an absolute safe place for you to be able to sit and relax for a while. Now you will need to prepare yourself by either laying down on your back or sitting cross legged, whichever one works best for you. This is where the imagination takes place. Then close your eyes and think of what food your most wanting at the moment. You have to think really really hard for this to work. You’ll first start to picture it, then, smell it, then taste it, and finally feeling like you’re actually eating it! This seriously works wonders. But you can’t do it every time you’re hungry. Just when you’re getting low on supplies and if you’re very desperate.

Well, wasn’t that fun? This has been quite the adventure. I hope all of you have enjoyed some of the best survival tips there are in the world. Now, remember them and always remember them. You’ll thank me in the long run when the world finally comes to it’s blowing point. And heck, even if the world isn’t ending, go try out these survival tips for fun or if you want to have a great surviving experience!


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