30 Days of Thankfulness Day 17: Challenges

Recently I have overcome my own challenge, which was writing 100 short stories and essays for my new book and blog. It first began out at posting my own stories on my blog but soon turned to a much bigger project. It was hard after the first month, but I pushed through it. It was mostly hard for me because I had to come up with so many different types of stories and not being able to stick to one. Although it was hard, I was unbelievably happy when I finished and a little proud of myself. Another challenge I’ve taken is weight loss. Since August I’ve lost a good amount for what my diet has been. I’ve lost 20 pounds all because of cutting out a lot of junk food, not eating when I’m bored, and cutting my portions down. Even though that weight loss wasn’t as much as I wanted this far, it doesn’t matter because I actually lost a decent amount. I never thought I could do that before and it’s a great feeling to know that you’re succeeding.

All in all, challenges can make you who you are today and show your hard work and dedication. Although the challenge itself may seem impossible and outrageous, but know that you can get through it and can make the best of it.


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