30 Days of Thankfulness Day 18: Second Chances

Second chances are something that I have always cherished. It’s something I’ve always and will continue to fall back on, which might not seem to be good to others. I am a person who doesn’t like to disappoint others no matter who they are. My ultimate wish I have is for everyone to find their happiness and sometimes I feel like I get in their way and ruin it for them. It’s something that I’ve felt since I was a young child and that will always be there. It’s like someone’s laugh, it’ll always be there because it’s a part of them. Some might not like that quality because they could start to feel like they need it somehow so they can continue. As for myself, I need it in a way to feel better about myself. I know that sounds weird, but knowing that others are feeling good makes me feel good.

All in all, second chances have and always will be a must for me. Whether that be me or for others. And I’ll always be thankful when others give me a second chance, for happiness will be spread through everyone involved.


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