30 Days of Thankfulness Day 19: Tears

If you’ve been reading all of my past 30 DoT, you may think I’m a little crazy being thankful for pain and now tears. But once again, let me explain 🙂 For me, crying is a great relief, whether them being sad or happy tears. I’m pretty sure I’ve cried an equal amount of both. I’m not sure what it is, but for the past couple of years whenever I laugh, I cry. I must have a few more silly cells in my head than most. I swear each and every time I laugh, tears come soon after. Once they pour out, there’s no going back. I’ll laugh for a good 40 minutes before I calm down and while that’s happening, it’s making everyone else laugh because I’m crying while laughing. It’s weird but I like it, it makes everyone around smile and happy. As for the other spectrum, it’s almost like a mini therapy session. Though, I’ve never been to one, I can imagine it’s almost alike. Crying is a good way to let everything out in a healthy way. You’re not really hurting yourself or others and you’re letting all of your emotions out and your thoughts. Everyone can agree that after a good cry you feel just a tad bit better.


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