30 Days of Thankfulness Day 21: The Moment When You Can’t Control Your Laughter

A man walks into a zoo. The only animal in the entire zoo. It’s a shitzhu.

(source: http://www.kickvick.com/stupid-funny-jokes/ )

That joke might not have been super funny, but I could see myself with some friends, just listing off jokes like that and laughing at how dry it is. Laughter is GREAT, simple as that. My whole life I’ve been the one who laughs the most. Like I’ve said before, I must have been born with a few more silly cells. Laughter also brings people together. You have to admit that when one person starts to laugh that someone else isn’t going to laugh. For me, I love it when people laugh. It makes the whole mood a lot more relaxed and to be easily be around.

There then comes a moment when you can’t control your laughter any more. For me, I know I can’t when everything I see and hear is funny and when I cry. So basically everytime I laugh, I cry. Some might think I’m crazy but honestly, I think laughing makes everything ten times better.

One last joke. Warning, this may offend someone.

Suzie had no arms or legs and was swinging. What happened?

She fell off.

I know that may be a little dry, but I remember my Dad always telling those kind of jokes. Oh, and it may not be word for word, I tried my best to remember it exactly.


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