This is a Once in a Lifetime Chance

“If you drink this, you’ll return to the world you once knew. The one where you can be reunited with Lily. Where you loved everything about it. This is only a once in a lifetime chance sort of thins, so I’d suggest taking it. I’ll leave you alone to decide,” Destin said and left me alone. Drinking this memory serum would let me go back to everything. I could be a free man again, instead of staying here and working until the day I died. When I first got here, I forgot about thinking everything happened for a reason. That is, until Destin gave me this memory potion. I looked long and hard at the small circular glass bottle. It was filled to the brim of a clear sparkled substance. If I looked harder, I could see my memories in each sparkle. There she was, Lily. She was painting the kitchen walls a light yellow. I remember her showing me and I had doubts that she’d actually like it, but after seeing all of the walls painted, it made the atmosphere much calmer and relaxed. Later on she teased me for liking it so much because what I said.

Lily… I missed her so much.

I looked at another memory and saw Tyrone and I hiking. We were the bestest of friends. I couldn’t count how many times. We saved each other from major trouble. One time I got him out of a speeding ticket by me telling the cop that we had to speed because I was going to shit myself. By my surprise the officer actually believed me and escorted us to the nearest gas station. Those were great times.

Tyrone… I missed him so much.

I had to do this. Like Destin said, this only a once in a lifetime chance. I pulled the cork from the glass bottle and drank the potion. For some reason, the taste was like I was tasting my old life. I became very light headed and closed my eyes. All I could see were the shiny sparkles, leading down a pathway.

This was it. I was going home, finally.


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