I’ve Never Heard of a Snagmitt Before

It was Saturday morning, which meant no school, homework, and no responsibilities. So what better way to spend it than taking an early morning trip to the beach. I quietly made my way through the house, making sure not to wake anyone, and going straight towards the beach. I usually rode my bike there because it was only mile away. I liked going early on Saturdays because hardly no one was awake.

After about seven minutes, I was on the beach. I did my usual, chaining my bike and setting off to find seashells. Since there wasn’t really anyone on the beach, I decided to go to the cove. That’s where you could find some of the more rare seashells.

Once I stepped into the cove, it was like someone heard me through my mind and laid out tons and tons of shells. I couldn’t believe how many were there and how many different kinds. There were many of the classic looking shells, but what made them better was that they were different colors. I grabbed a blue, purple, and pink one. What made them even better was when the sun shined on them, they created a rainbow like reflection. I continued on the shell hunt and kept finding so many. I was about to leave when something toward the back of the cove caught my eye. The only thing I could see was small shiny piece of light. I looked around to make sure no one else was around and no one was. I walked to the back to inspect the light. As I got closer, the light became more distinct and a majority of the light was buried in the sand. I put my pouch of shells down and dug out the light. Once I got to the bottom, I noticed that it wasn’t a light, but a conch shell. I had never found one, not ever. I carefully lifted it up and examined to see where light would be coming from. I couldn’t find a thing as to why this conch shell would do such a thing. I kept searching and found a spot where I thought I saw some kind of writing. Trying the rub the dirt off, the light became much brighter and the shell practically jumped from my hands. I stood there for a moment and hoped I wasn’t disturbing some kind of animal. Then, the light shot up and a human like creature appeared. “Whoa, who are you?” I asked startled.

“Who are you?” it asked.

“I asked you first.”

“You’re right. My name’s Kelmur. What’s yours?”

“Ah, Bailey. Can you tell me what just happened?”

“Well, you see, I am a Snagmitt. Most of the world doesn’t know we exist, we hide amongst the shadows and try to live a quiet life.”

“I’ve never heard of a Snagmitt before.”

“We’re half human, half animal. We can live just like humans or we can live like every kind of animal.”

“Am I dreaming?” That was the only thing I could say to him. I was too shocked to even think of anything else to say. He laughed.

“No, no you are not, Bailey. You are in fact a wake and seeing and hearing what I’m doing and saying.” This must be a crazy homeless man then.

“Oh, okay. Well I better be going then. Bye.” I turned to leave.

“Wait!” I stopped from his yell and turned back around. “Could I come with you?”

“Come with me?”

“Yeah, I can just hop back into the shell and you could take me to wherever it is you live.” I looked at him like he really was crazy now. “I-I know I sound and look like a madman, but I promise that I won’t be nuisance. I have everything I would ever need in the shell, so you wouldn’t need to worry about anything, except that other can’t find me.” Was he actually trying to convince me to let him come back home with me? My Mom and Dad would kill me. “I really do promise, Bailey. It gets very lonely being by myself in the shadows. I would love it if you could.” I rethought everything and maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep him around. I looked at him again and started to feel bad. I wouldn’t want to live a life by myself either.

“I guess you can come along.”

“Really?” I said excitedly. He began to jump and act like he just won the lottery. Then ran up to me, lifted me up, and hugged so hard I really did think I was going to stop breathing.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go.”

“Thank you so much Bailey. I think is the start of a new and long lasting friendship.”


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