30 Days of Thankfulness Day 25: Disappointment

This is the last of the three top things in life that I’m thankful for that are practically the opposite. Disappointment is something again that no one likes but it is definitely something that we can all learn from. During this past summer, I got a lot more disappointment than I thought I would. They were very hard times and I thought they would never stop coming. In the end though, everything has worked out and is continuing to work out and find it’s place. So far I have moved out to California, I’ve been experiencing new things, getting to see my boyfriend a lot more, and I’ve already published my second book! You could say that I’ve been doing quite a lot recently and I actually like it. Although during the process of getting to those things I have endured my fair share of disappointment, I have come to learning and being grateful that I could have experienced the disappointment. Because I do learn and I know for next time.


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