Blogmas Day 1: Hot Chocolate

Mmmmmm, hot chocolate! From the chocolate powder to the hot milk to the soft marshmallows, all are the best and what makes hot chocolate. This warm drink has always been a favorite of mine, especially during the fall and winter time. I remember last year my family and I went to Canada to visit family. We went the last week of October into the early month of November. It was actually pretty chilly while we were visiting, probably around 40 to 50 degrees. It wasn’t super cold, but what I was used to around that time of the year it was. So of course that called for multiple stops at Starbucks. And it was great to stroll down the calm streets of Banff while sipping hot chocolate.

Another time I remember of this drink was last Christmas when I received a soft of multiple packages of different types of hot chocolate. That included white chocolate, caramel, dark chocolate, and a couples I can’t recall. Those lasted me for a good six months and each were a cup full a deliciousness.

Comment down below if you like hot chocolate and of you do, what’s your favorite kind?


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