Blogmas Day 3: Baking Cookies

I don’t know what it is about the smell of cookies baking, but it brings so much joy to me. Maybe it’s because cookies are one of my favorite desserts or it’s what it reminds me of. For as long as I could remember, baking cookies during Christmas time was something we always did. Whether they be sugar, chocolate chip, you name it. One of my favorites were the sugar cookies because we always used cookie cutters and decorated them afterwards. Decorating was one of the best parts. Half the time I didn’t even use the classic Christmas colors. Instead I’d use pinks, purples, blues, and even orange! I didn’t care too much about it really, I was honestly just excited to decorate and eat them later.

As always, leaving a plate of those cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve was a must. We usually left him a couple trees and two anges, one boy and one girl, as well as a glass of milk. But my parents didn’t stay up late, so we had to put the cookies and milk in the fridge.

Comment down below what are your favorite kinds of cookies to bake during Christmas time!


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