Blogmas Day 14: Cozy

For myself, Christmas time has always been the time where I get in my comfy pajamas, a blanket wrapped up around, and a cup of hot chocolate by my side. Of course it’s very hard to do so in Southern California, like I mentioned previous times. Although it may be warm here, I still tend to be on the colder side. At night my body gets so cold, even if I’m wearing five layers with a few blankets on. I don’t know what it is. Tell me if you’re like that too.

Being cozy reminds me so much of Christmas time itself. It must be that selfless caring and happy times to make it like that for myself. I’m not sure if you understood that, but I don’t know what other way to explain it other than the happy times Christmas brings around each year. It makes you want to be happy at all times, even when you’re snuggled up at home watching a movie.

Comment down below if being cozy reminds you of Christmas time, and if it doesn’t, what does?


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