Blogmas Day 15: Candy Canes

Mmm, mmm, mmm! Candy canes are so delicious! The sweet yet peppermint taste drives my tastebuds insane. There are so many different kinds of candy canes as well. Some of my favorites are of course the classic red and white peppermint, chocolate mint, and some of the fruit flavored ones. My favorite are probably the chocolate mint ones.

Another way I like candy canes are when they’re smashed into tiny pieces and sprinkled on top of different types of treats, whether it be cookies, frosted cupcakes, bars, you name it! It just adds a little something special to the food and makes the holiday spirit a little bit better.

Comment down below if you like candy canes and what your favorite flavor is! And if you don’t like candy canes, what’s your favorite Christmas time treat?


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