Ring in the New Year’s top 7 #1

I’ve decided that since New Years is literally around the corner, I would tell you all my 7 resolutions! I know many of you have done the same as me in the past with our resolutions, we work on it for maybe a week and we’re done. We either keep it to ourselves or tell on social media. This year I’ve decided to tell on my platform because I feel like mine are good goals I can reach, hopefully, and maybe even inspire some of you!

To start off, my first New Year’s resolution is to write more. This past year I have written way more than I thought and I think it’ll be great to write even more! Whether it is the short stories I post on here, books, or even just in my journal, I want to write, write, write.

If you are interested, I do plan on writing and posting more short stories on here, along with new fun things. I’ve already got my planning done for 2017, and I just can’t wait for you all to see them!

Comment down below what your first New Year’s resolution is, I would love to know!


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