Ring in the New Year’s top 7 #7

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you had the greatest of 2016 and are ready for what 2017 has in store for us!

For my last resolution, I want to be simply happy. I already am overwhelmed with happiness, but I want to make everything as good as it can be. I know that I’ll still have those days where I’ll feel like a failure or that I’m doing something wrong, but I know I’ll have to ignore that and be who I want to be in life. We only have such a short amount of time here and we have to make the best of each and every single day we’re given.

Something that I want to do to help with this is not focusing so much on myself, but on others. I’ve tried to do this for quite some time now and now is the time to do as much as I can and want to. We live in a world where you may not want to for all of the events that happen and the people in it, but always look on the bright side. I’ve encouraged so many people to just be happy and continue to strive for it. I think if we surround ourselves with the happiness that we need, life will look a lot more beautiful in the long run.

If you have this same goal of mine, push through, I know you can do it! Like Cinderella saich, “Have courage and be strong.” This world is crazy, but it can be a happy crazy.

Comment down below what your final resolution is!


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