Life Talk #2

I hope everyone isn’t having a terrible day considering it is Friday the 13th. It’s only the morning where I live and so far it’s been kind of a good day, better than most.

Since today is Friday the 13th, I would like to talk about bad luck in general. We all get it from time to time, but for some people, like myself, it feels like it’s always coming after me like Michael Myers is always chasing his victims until he’s satisfied. I really do have a good life, but it seems that the bad wants to outweigh the good in almost every situation. I’ll tell you about my string of back luck since moving out to California. It all started with the fact that where I was living didn’t have wifi already and so I would be having to get it and pay for it, which is totally reasonable. Then since making a life decision to make writing my career, it hasn’t gone well. Firstly, everyone kept telling me that I should find a real job and that I’m not going to get anywhere. Secondly, when I published my second book, only one person bought it… Anyone who has a self employed business knows the struggle. Other than that mess, my driver’s license was going to expire, which is a terrible experience if any of you have gone through my situation. It was a lot of unnecessary stress if I would have just gotten the right answers first. And the biggest one of all after was the day I was supposed to be moving wasn’t even actually booked in a calendar. That really tore me down. And so because of that, unnecessary money had to be paid to stay in a hotel for a whole week when I could be in my new home.

That was only some of the bigger bad luck problems I’ve had since moving here. But on the brighter side I did have some good things come from those experiences. For example, the hotel I had to stay in had some computer issues when it was booked, so I got to stay in their suite for a week.

I hope today wasn’t too bad for you and life in general. And if things aren’t going as planned, I always like to think of it in an optimistic way. If something bad is happening, remember to find the silver lining to remind you that everything is going to be okay.


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