Writing Advice #1

Welcome to my first post of my own writing advice to anyone who is thinking about writing! I know I have only just began writing, but I think in the past year I have learned a few lessons here and there and I would love to share them with you all.

My first tip would like to give you is to write what makes you feel the most comfortable. By doing this, it’ll make writing much more fun and more of your writing juices will spill out onto the page. Another plus to that is that you won’t have a feeling to do a bunch of research to get the topic you’re writing about perfect. Writing what you’re comfortable with will also really show what you mean instead of telling. I know when I don’t know a lot about something, I tend to just state things and not really show. And showing is what will truly capture a reader. And lastly, the next time you come back to the paper or computer, you’ll confident in your writing. Confidence is key when it comes to something you’re producing. And it’s okay to make mistakes, learning is what will bring that confident you out and shane bright!

I hope you all enjoyed my first writing advice post. If you have any request or questions, please feel free to comment them down below! We all have to start somewhere.


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