Life Talk #4

As for this week, nothing interesting or special has  happened, other than my On The Daily posts. I feel so much more better posting everyday and I think these posts are so much fun. They’re kind of like these but rather than always talking about my life, I’ll be posting just about anything.

I don’t know what it is about posting every day that makes me feel complete. I think some of it may be that I’ve put writing as my job but it’s also fun for me to write about anything that I want. One day I could be writing about all of the bad events that happened that day or my insane obsession with horses. It really could go anywhere. And I think that’s why I also like to write stories in general. In my head I think I create some new scenario at least once a day. It’s crazy to think about all the stories I’ve created in my head and most of them I can’t do those things, and I’ve certainly haven’t seen hardly any of them in real life. For instance, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien has made such a huge impact for my love of Fantasy. Not only The Hobbit but Middle Earth and other Fantasy worlds story writers have created. The creatures, magic, kingdoms, they all make me feel like they should be in my life. And when I get to writing my own stories, it honestly feels like I’ve actually seen everything and I’ve been through it. Now I wish I’ve walked into some new magical world, but sadly it’s never happened. I guess hoping and wishing won’t hurt though 🙂


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