On The Daily #8

Reading this month was a bit of a struggle. I know I only had one book in my TBR, but like I mentioned before, I had about two weeks of major procrastination come. So once that hit, I had to really get everything else in line and reading was at the bottom of that list. I’m about halfway done with Cress and so far it’s been nothing but awesomeness! Ever since I started reading The Lunar Series, I’ve wanted just about every other book about space, stars, the moon, and any other thing about outer space. And that reminds me about something from last night. I went on a walk and looked up at all of the stars. As I was admiring each one, I saw one star that was so much bigger and brighter than the rest. It amazed me so much and wished my phone could take a picture the way I saw it. If there’s anything I can encourage you to do, it’s take take walks when the sun goes down and just look at all of the stars. It’s so calming and realizing.

Hopefully I’ll finish Cress this week and I’ll get onto February’s TBR list. I hope you guys have a wonderful last day of January!


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