On The Daily #15

If there’s anything you should know for good reading advice, it’s to have your mind cleared. Yesterday as I began to read the next book on my TBR, I started to think of everything my head could. It was like a switch flipped and I could only think of those things entirely. Luckily the chapters were short and I could stop reading before the good parts came.

Reading is great, so if you want to fully enjoy your book, read with a cleared mind. By this I mean that you shouldn’t be thinking of something important you have to do while reading or something that’s happened in the past. I’m only mentioning those two things because those are the two that always come up when I read. Even though I plan things out very ahead of time, they seem to bother me until I’ve completed it. The thing that popped into my head has to deal with adult moving in deets. I know I should have gotten some of it done but it wasn’t something dire, so my friend told me to relax a little and take my time with it. And considering it won’t be even two months since I’ve moved to get the first thing done, I think I’ve done pretty good. The other thing will probably be done the following month, which isn’t bad whatsoever. So why does it bother me freaking much?? I think it’s just because I’m super paranoid and I like to get things done straight away. It is very nice to have that mentality but at the same time it can make situations a lot more stressful, which leads me to get massive headaches.

Okay, now that I’ve totally gone off topic, really try to read with a cleared mind. It makes reading so much more fun and you’ll get into the book a lot more, which I feel makes you want to read even more. And reading is always good to do!


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