Writing Advice #2

Writing can be a difficult thing to do and for my second writing advice, I would like to tell you when how writing when you want will help you out immensely on your writing journey.

I’ve learned that in the past when I write my stories when I don’t feel like it, they don’t turn out the way I want to. I always seem to find all of these little points that don’t add up and they make my writing look like a five year olds. And so what I’m trying to get at is to WRITE when you WANT to. It doesn’t make too much sense to write when you’re feelings are all over the place and you have no motivation to write. A forced story isn’t a good story. Like I said in my last writing advice post, once you become comfortable, the words will flow out of you like none other. And so, if that means taking a day long break or even a week long break to regain your thoughts and gain some type of closure, do it. But I don’t want you to get me wrong, writing everyday should be an essential quality for every writer. And that could even mean just writing what you’re feeling or what you want to do for the day. For myself, I’m only at the very beginning stages of becoming an author. It’s already been a year since I’ve written my first book, but I hope to gain so much more writing knowledge in the year of 2017.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading my second writing advice! And if you do take my advice, I hope great things come on your writing journey and everything else in your life. But if you don’t, I still send hopeful wishes nonetheless. We all have to start somewhere.


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