On The Daily #23

Makeup is key to looking flawless. Makeup will be your best friend. Makeup makes me feel good. Makeup helps me feel confident. Makeup makes me get noticed.

In the past, I thought makeup is what made you look pretty. I thought once you turned a certain age, you’d wear makeup everyday and that’s how the system worked. But that was a very young and naive version of myself. Little did I know back then that I didn’t have to wear makeup to feel pretty. I could feel pretty and confident in my own way.

As of last Friday, I made my own little vow to not wear makeup for at least a month. And I’m alright with that! As I’ve gotten older, I thought I would wear makeup a lot more often, but I don’t really want to. One reason being is that I have very oily skin and I need a good refresher every few hours. And that means splashing my face with some nice cold water. I can’t exactly do that with makeup either, unless I want to look like a crazy woman 🙂

Another reason is that I think my skin problems will go down. I don’t have lots and lots of acne anymore, but my face does have a lot of big pores and a handful of really small pimples here and there. So I hope with no makeup products, those will go down.

The only product I’ll be using is my chapstick because my lips do get pretty dry throughout the day.

If you are a user of makeup, I would greatly encourage you to do this too! Now, I’m not bashing makeup or anything like that at all. I just feel very comfortable without it and I think it’s a great thing to try. Who knows, maybe you’d like it too. Being comfortable in your own skin is what really matters, so try different things and if they fail, do what’s best for YOU. Your body is your temple and you don’t to ruin it.

As always, much love, Chloe.


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