On The Daily #43

On Saturday I posted the quote, “The more I find myself, the more people I lose.” (I couldn’t find the person who said the quote, sorry!)

To me, I find this to be very true as you grow. One place you’ll find this happen is in high school. In most cases you walk in with your middle school friends, but you walk out with new and maybe a few of the older friends. I believe that’s where you start out this process and after high school, you start to venture out and those high school friends won’t always be there. For myself, I moved from Wisconsin all the way out to California. I still talk to a couple people here and there from Wisconsin, but they’re not exactly the people I want to surround myself with anymore. During high school I found that a couple I hung out with really tampered with how I would feel constantly, so to graduate and move far away was a nice breather. And sometimes it’s also nice to just go out to places where you don’t know anymore and do the fun things YOU WANT. That’s the only way you can truly figure out who your are. And when that time finally comes, you’ll be so much more happier and life with be very enjoyable.

I hope that was understandable 🙂 Have a great Tuesday all!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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