Life Talk #10

I hope your second week of March has been all of what you’ve wanted so far! As for myself, I guess it has been pretty good. Other than being sick, I’ve been very productive with my new secret project! There are only two sections left that I have to wait and outline in the next six months, but next week I can start writing everything down for sure. I don’t have any date that’s set in stone when this will come out, but probably during late spring/ early summer I’ll be able to give some more details, which I can’t wait for!

A little update on my sickness: Last week/ beginning of this week was super sore throat, cough, blowing nose constantly, and achy body. But now all I have is a small cough, blowing my nose a few times a day, and a cold sore going away quickly. As you can see, I’ve been on a rollercoaster of sick, but it wasn’t too bad.

Nothing too fun has happened, but tomorrow I’ll be going to the Safari Park in San Diego and I’m super excited to go. If you don’t know, I love animals so much. They have had a special place with me since I can remember. The one thing I’m the most excited to see is going on a safari type ride where it’s as if we would be on an actual safari in Africa. I’ll for sure tell you all how it went on Monday 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


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