Writing Advice #3

We all know that in order to want to read, you have to choose books that you’ll enjoy. Thus, in order to enjoy writing, read books that you’ll like.

Let’s jump right into this! For myself, I like fantasy, futuristic, dystopian books that have a main character that’s willing to risk their life in order to save all others. In the first book I wrote, The Lost Princess, I didn’t exactly go to those lengths, but I did have her go as far as having a journey that she’ll need to do for the most part. I hope that makes sense! I got that inspiration from the books I had been reading for the past four years.

This helps you because you’ll get the hang of how you want things to play out and even how to go about writing certain situations. For example, I had never really read any books that included a sword fight. So that scene was kind of hard to write. Whereas writing the self doubt and what ifs to leading people was sort of easy.

Not only will reading what you want to write about will help with writing, this will encourage you to read even more! And we all know that reading is great for the mind. But no matter what, write if you have a story brewing out of you. It comes best when you WANT to write.

Keep on writing!!


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