On The Daily #50

I hope everyone’s Monday went well! I totally forgot to tell you all how the Safari Park went. Let’s just say it was amazing! Since it’s called a safari park, the park mostly consisted of animals from Africa and then some from other Asian countries.

My favorite part of the park was the ride that took us around a much bigger piece of land that had many types of animals roaming around as if they were in Africa. It was interesting to see how they would be if they were in a much bigger area. Although it seems like animals don’t really do much, they do things right in front of our eyes and we don’t even know it! When we passed by a group of gazelles, it seemed that some were standing together by the younger ones and some were just off by themselves. But that wasn’t the case. These animals take turns looking after the young. So when you see the older gazelles standing by the younger ones, it means they’re looking after them at the moment, and when it’s time, the other gazelles taking a break come back and watch them.

Something else I thought was interesting was that at this Safari Park, they were trying to make an almost extinct rhino go back to not being endangered. I can’t remember what the names were but there are only three of these rhinos left and they are being kept safe in Africa. Right now, it’s the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s duty to try to make it possible for them and their cousin rhino have a baby, in hopes they can get them out of endangerment.

If you’re in the San Diego area, I definitely recommend going there. There’s a lot you can learn about animals and how you can help them.

Much love, Chloe   


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