Life Talk #11

I hope this week has been good and kind to you. As for me, Nothing special has happened once again, but I’m still grateful for another day.

One thing that I learned this week is to keep on going. What I mean by this is when you have a project and let’s say you just have some troubles getting through it. For myself, I had that going on for about a couple of weeks. But for last week and this week, I’ve outlined and started writing everything out. To get to that point I just let myself get into what I was writing about, and after that everything started to flow and piece together. And after doing that, the project I was and still am, made me super excited for what I was doing. Since it made me excited, it really makes me want to continue and make everything better and as flawless as I can.

I’m sorry my writing is so sloppy today. For some reason I have a million things running through my head more than usual, so I apologize.

There isn’t much more to talk about, but next Friday I want to have a more controversial topics that have been on my mind lately. So I hope you enjoy that coming up. Have a great weekend everyone!

Much love, Chloe  


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