On The Daily #57

To start off with this week’s worth of my personal goals, I’d like to talk about Happiness. For a disclaimer, I know I’ve talked about goals in general before, but for this week I want to also share how I’ve achieved them before. Anyways, back to the post.

Being happy and making others happy has always been something special to me. Whatever it may be, making someone laugh, doing things I like, or just talking. But as I’ve gotten older, some things in my life have changed good and bad. And to combat the good with bad, I try to always see the better side of the situation. For example, say all day someone’s yelled at you for no reason whatsoever and you just keep getting this bad luck. Then let’s say this happens for a week and you’re not doing anything wrong. What I usually do (I don’t recommend this) is sit down and remember each situation. I would keep remembering what they said and how they said it. But what I’ve learned so far in life is to not keep those things on your mind constantly. That’s what I always used to do and it made me feel absolutely terrible everyday. I wouldn’t feel like doing the things I liked anymore and that’s something you shouldn’t do.

How I got out of these things is like what I said before, I think of all the good things. Personally I feel like everything happens for a reason. It seems odd, but I look back and think I never thought I’d end up here. There may have been a handful of bad things that happened, but you just have to look at all the other great things that happened as well!

I’m going through these slumps of being happy and I still think there’s something missing, but I have confidence that whatever it may be will come soon or later. It all depends on what life has instore for us. You just have to keep chugging along.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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