On The Daily #58

I have mentioned this goal a number amount of times and I won’t really talk about my struggle but more about the success. Although I know I haven’t reached my goal whatsoever, I have had a tiny bit of success before. Finally, let me tell you what this goal is, weight loss. We all have have in our lives and I intend to cross the line and make my goal in the very near future. But let’s stop talking about that and talk about how to achieve weight loss.

In the last six months I had lost about 30 pounds and I was very proud of myself. But for my conditions then, I was basically forced to have to eat a certain way due to living conditions. I’m not saying it was bad though. As for now, I am living by my own rules and it’s been hard to get back into that diet I once had. To be honest, I’ve gained back about 20 of those pounds. It seems odd that I could gain back all that weight, but in the end it really isn’t.

Although I’ve gained back a lot of that weight, I am very determined now to lose it again and much more! Before when I lost the weight, it was only diet, but now I am incorporating exercise. It is a bit hard, but I know it’ll all be worth it in the end. All I have to do is keep on goin and trying. I can’t be too mad at myself if I try.

Have a great rest of your day everyone!

Much love, Chloe ❤  


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