TBR and Book Recommendations #4

Alright, so some updates I wanted to finally tell you all. So I didn’t read this past month, which I know is super terrible, but I have kind of a good excuse.So I wanted to get Winter in paperback like I did for all the others, but once I ordered it I didn’t realize it was coming all the way from the UK. And that then leads me to it taking almost a month getting to me. But it didn’t say that I at first because it could have come a week after as well. So once it came, it didn’t click to me that it was going to be a UK version either. After that I just decided to not read since it was almost going to be April.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, the book I will be reading for sure in the month of April will be Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I took a pretty long break from the last book, but I’m finally getting back into it!

This book follows Mare as she has escaped in the first book. And now she is trying to become stronger with others, her powers, and her will. This book seems like it’s the one most books like this have where the rebellion is getting bigger and stronger. I can’t wait to read this book and feel free to read along with me!

As for book recommendations, I think I’ve already said the Lunar Chronicles, but if I haven’t, there a great series to read as well! They’re different in the aspect of the future and time, but they’re the same with a strong female lead and certain people having powers and others not. I personally think it’s a good series if you’re into a strong futuristic female lead. Something else is that there are four books in the series and two others that talk about a different character.

I hope you join me on reading Glass Sword, but if not, read anything. Remember to keep on reading everyone!


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