On The Daily #97

I hope everyone’s weekend was filled with fun and good memories! And keep the rest of your weekend continuing with that as well 🙂

As for this week, I’d like to talk about topics that are controversial or just very popular ones that can get a conversation going. I think it’s good to get your opinion out there, whether it be the popular or not so much. But I think it’ll be nice to see other people’s opinions as we go through this first week into May. As always, if you have any recommendations on what you want me to talk about, please comment down below and I’ll for sure check it out!

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


On The Daily #96

The final Instagram account I’ll be sharing is Infamous_harley_quinn. This account is ran by Laura Gilbert from Australia. She is very known for her Harley Quinn cosplay/ transformations. She often goes to different types of cons where others are dressed up as her or different characters. Other than her amazing cosplays, she is studying music and in her spare time, helps children with their music skills.

Much love, Chloe ❤






On The Daily #95

The Next Insta account I’ll be talking about its rawalignment. This account is ran by Alyse Brautigam. She is a minimalist, YouTuber, and loves to help people with their journey of aligning themselves to be who they’re meant to be. Her content of both her photos and YouTube Videos show that she wants others to succeed and be helped out if no one else is there.

Much love, Chloe ❤








Life Talk #17

Hi everyone, I hope your week was amazing and wonderful! As for mine, it wasn’t too bad. I have gotten through my first run of the 4th rough draft of my new book. I’ve been adding a bit and even a new chapter. It’s been tough writing this book because of how close it is to me. I won’t quite tell you what it’s about yet but in the near future there will be a lot more details I can tell 🙂

Other than writing, I’ve really been trying to get back into drawing again. It was such a loved activity through my high school years and I really want to bring it back. But the biggest trouble for me is finding that perfect picture to draw! Let me know if you have the same problem. Just yesterday I scraped three different drawings that could have been good, but I think that’s where the perfectionist of me comes out. Oh and let me know of some good and affordable color pencils that I could get at a Michaels. That’s something else I really want to improve on as well.

This weekend won’t be as beach filled as the last, but 80 degree weather does seem like a good opportunity to go, but I have all summer to tan and swim. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing this weekend but something fun for sure. Speaking of the beach and tanning, I have never peeled so awkward and terribly before on my face! It was that kind of peel around my nose and mouth like I constantly had white dried food on my face. It wasn’t ideal but I’m happy it went away after a few days.

Oh and I really want to try the Pink Drink from Starbucks! It looks super pretty and it seems like it would taste pretty good as well. Let me know down below if you’ve tried it and what other recommendations you have from Starbucks!

Well, that’s all I have for you all this week. As always, I hope your life is amazing and you live to the fullest each day you have here. And if you’re feeling down, know that my love and kind thoughts are going to you 🙂

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #94

Here is another aesthetically pleasing Instagram account that you’ll love if you’re into goth, beauty, and lifestyle. The name is dreronaye! Dre is a girl who’s into everything goth and shares that on her Instagram and her own YouTube channel. It goes from makeup to her beautiful hair all the way to her aesthetically pleasing account and style.

Like yesterday’s, if you love that kind of stuff, please go check her out!

Much love, Chloe Akemi ❤







On The Daily #93

If you have a dying need to look at other’s aesthetics, get ready to enter a world full of pastels, fantasy, and pure magic! The next Instagram account I’m mentioning is kellyeden. Kelly is a girl who loves anime, cuteness, makeup, and of course, pastels. She is also an artist, YouTuber, Model, and cosplayer. She is an absolute delight and if you want your day to be brightened, definitely go to her page!

Much love, Chloe ❤






On The Daily #92

Today’s Instagram shoutout goes to art zone. His account’s name is doughtycreartive. This man is an absolute genius artist who has been posting for quite some time since 2015. He started out drawing an array of Disney characters and here and there he would draw movie characters to athletes. As of now, his art has mostly consisted of disney characters drawn on a sheet of music, which I think is super creative!

He is a really talented artist, and I would recommend you check him out!

Much love, Chloe ❤






On The Daily #91

This week’s theme will be shouting out Instagram and or Twitter accounts that are different and to me, show good content 🙂

As for yesterday, you saw that I talked about an account that does many different kinds of facts. Today’s will be about an account on Instagram, styledbymagic. Chelsea Watson is a girl who goes to Disney World quite a bit, but she makes her trips worthwhile each time. Her account is filled with love, magic, great photography, and her fashion. She has a signature touch of red lipstick and minnie ears, which is my favorite to see!

She is also a fellow blogger, and I would love it if you checked it out, especially if you’re into Disney, fashion, and makeup!

As for the rest of this week, I’ll always have the links listed below, so make sure to scroll down and check them out. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

As always, Much love, Chloe ❤






TBR and Book Recommendations #5

Hello my lovely book readers and fellow followers! I am back again with another TBR and book recommendations.

For the month of May, my TBR list will consist of continuing The Glass Sword and I’ll be following that up with King’s Cage. And these are both by the same author, Victoria Aveyard. As for those wondering why I’m still reading The Glass Sword, it’s because of writing my next book. I’ve finally gotten back into my writing kicks again and it’s feeling AMAZING! So I’m not just sitting around doing nothing 😉

For my book recommendations, they’ll be the same as my last post because of the fact that I’m still on the same books. So make sure to pop over there and get those deets! Just search for TBR and it’ll be the last one posted.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, and I’m sorry for the lack of reading, but I’ll make sure to get back into it again this month!

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #90

Hello everyone! I hope this Sunday has been lovely. And if it hasn’t been anything too interesting, I have an Instagram and Twitter account you should definitely follow.

These two accounts are called Uber Facts and I’m pretty sure they are ran by the same person. The accounts posts pretty interesting facts and what’s even better is that the posts are regularly posted and often. I know there can be some accounts you wished posted more and with these two, you can have a whole day’s worth of content.

So make sure to go check those out and like always, I’ll have the links listed below.

Much love, Chloe ❤




He also has a personal account, so if you wanted to, here it is: